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The Kapuche Glacier lake

by Pokhara City

The Kapuche Glacier lake is located at an altitude of 2546 meters from sea level. It lies inside the Gurung Village of Sikles in the Kaski district in the Annapurna region. So, we can combine this trek with Sikles Village Trek. Kapuche Glacier Lake is claimed to be the lowest-elevation glacier lake in the world. The temperature of the lake can reach sub-zero during winter, and the surface can turn into ice. The 0.12 Km2 Lake is about 40 meters deep.

The word Kapuche is a portmanteau of the words “Ka,” which means snow or ice, “Pu,” which means breaking down and sliding, and “Che,” which means landing on flat land. Essentially, ‘Kapuche” means fallen ice that has settled on a valley, which forms the glacial lake.

The lake has a calm environment as it is situated amongst snow-capped mountains. There are also occasional avalanches that bring snow from the slopes to the lake. The lake is in a calm environment beneath the high mountains. However, there is no provision for boating, as it is not appropriately explored.

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