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Dudhpokhari that means milky pond

by Pokhara City
Dudhpokhari that means milky pond

Photo : Ram Gurung/pokharacity.com

Dudhpokhari is among the most beautiful destination of the world where tourist has hardly ever trekked. Peoples outside Nepal rarely know Dudhpokhari. those who heard about Dudhpokhari surely do not know about this place and its beauty. Dudhpokhari that means milky pond is claimed to be situated at an altitude of 4560 meteres above the sea level. Dudh Pokhari rich in Culture, Nature, and has a good geographical importance and other attractions like snow peaked mountain and natural beauties. Khaling Rais who have their own language are dominant class of this area; besides Gurung communities are also in existence.

According to legends, some three thousand years ago the Tamu community now knows as Gurung entered this area through Namun Bhanjyang from Tibet settled there. Tamu community has their own king in the ancient days whose palace can be seen until now; therefore, this place is also known as Tamuwan.

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