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Kori Danda Trek: The Beautiful Highlands in Annapurna region

by Pokhara City

Picture: Dhan B. Gurung/Namaste Guest House

Virgin Trekking Trail 
Kori trek is a newly opened trekking trail in the Annapurna region. The Kori Trek takes you through the off-the-beaten trail, which is less crowded and less disturbed. The trek takes you through the Gurung settlements, cascades, rivers, terraces, forests, and lakes. The rich biodiversity in this region refreshes you and gives positive vibes to travel lovers. From Sikles to some altitude, the trail weaves you through the beautiful forests filled with bamboo trees and rhododendrons. Some parts of the lower region are with a terrace that offers scenic views. The Spring season would reward you with the flowering rhododendrons and yellow poppy. In the upper region of the Kori Trek, you will walk through the open fields, where you can see the sheep’s grazing. The open meadow offers you colorful flowers and beautiful views of surrounding landscapes and mountains. The whole trek is so refreshing for good mental and physical health. 
The Kori trek has been explored only by limited travelers, and there are not enough signposts which make it hard to find out the right path for Kapuche Lake and Kori Hill.  It would be better to go with an experienced guide in the Kori trek to explore it deeply and go with comfortably. 

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