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Beautiful Annapurna range seen from Bandipur

by Pokhara City

Bandipur Rural Municipality is expanded over 102 Sq.KM with Tourism Prospect of Mahabharat Hilly Range of Tanahun, Gandaki Province, Nepal. On Fiscal Year 2070/071 (BS 2071/01/25) Bandipur Village Development Committee(VDC) and Dharampani Village Development Committee(VDC) were merged into Bandipur Municipality. After the Implication in Federal Nepal in 2073, Bandipur Municipality (1-11), Ghasikuwa VDC (1,9) and Keshavtar VDC(1,8,9) were structured into Bandipur Rural Municipality with six wards.

Photo: Ram Gurung / pokharacity.com

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