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Getting Inside Pokhara

by Pokhara City

Pokhara, now ‑ a ‑ days, is linked to the major cities of Nepal by air and road transportation. Airplanes of different airlines fly several times a day from Kathmandu to Pokhara and many times a week from other major cities of the country. All the cities of Nepal where motoring has been possible so far, are linked to Pokhara by roads and regular bus services are available.

Pokhara is the only city in Nepal which is famous for the Himalayan Peaks and the Annapurna Himalayan Range. Some of the Famous Mountains that can be seen from Pokhara are Mt. Machhapuchree, Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Himchuli etc. it is the only City in Nepal that consists of seven beautiful lakes. Some of the famous lakes are Fewa Lake, Begnas Lake and Rupa Lake. It is the only City in Nepal that has excellent and breath taking caves. There are more then 5 caves within this city. Some of the most popular caves are Mahendra cave, Bat cave, Kalikhola cave, Shiva cave etc.

Pokhara is the only city that has several rivers flowing within itself. Some of the major rivers that flow within this beautiful city are Seti, Yamdi, Mardi, KaliKhola, Madi etc. This city must be God’s idea of ​​heaven. Pokhara is so rich in natural vegetation and excellent climatic conditions. It is neither too hot nor too cold. It seems to be a paradise.

This breath taking view is from Sarangkot. This hill is famous for the panoramic view of the annapurna himalayan range. Pokhara is beautiful but it still depends upon how we take and feel it, but to be sure Pokhara is god’s gift and is rich in natural beauty in all the ways. Sarangkot is also famous for paragliding purposes. It has the bird’s eye view of the seti river, fewa lake, and the valley itself. This hill station is a 10 minute uphill drive from Aarchalbot. This route is also one of the short day trek route within the Pokhara Valley. Tourists also hire horses for a trip uphill to the station. Local peoples have kept powerful binoculars for the viewing purpose of the valley and the mountains.

Pokhara is famous for mountains. The most beautiful and demanding mountain is Mount Fishtail. As shown in the snap, this mountain has a peak that looks like a fish tail. In nepali this mountain is called Machhapuchre himal which means Mount Fishtail. Seeing the beauty of this mountain, tourist says that this mountain has been crafted by god for the Pokhreli people.

This snap also features Mount Fishtail. This snap is taken from the Fishtail base camp during the sunset period. Fishtail base camp is three days trek from the pokhara valley. We walk through dense forest, Gurung villages and beautiful hills to reach this place. This base camp has about 5 hotels under the supervision of ACAP (Annapurna conservation area project).

This snap features the fewa lake view and domestic animals like horses and buffaloes grazing within the green fields. The hill has a concrete built hotel and graveled road (at present the road is pitched) to the village pame. This lake is famous for boating and fishing purpose.

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